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The sky is everywhere it starts at your feet
~ Monday, April 7 ~


This is the best thing I’ve seen all day

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i wasn’t expecting this but something tells me i should’ve been

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~ Thursday, February 27 ~


Speaking of art, today my friend Jackson Pearce’s book TSARINA comes out (under her pen name J. Nelle Patrick). I took the liberty of ordering an extra copy to give away. What, I thought, would be a good way to enhance the beauty and thrill of the text inside?


so here we have myself riding a moose drawn in this copy. I have also signed it. This is how friendship works, and if you are not finding yourself doing this regularly, you need to step back and ask myself, “am I good friend? Am I someone I’d like to know?”

If you would like to win the Moose Tsarina, either reblog this or tweet the cover (er, if you’re a twitter person, better hashtag it #winamoose so I see it). Then I’ll pick a random winner at 9 p.m. EST today (Feb 27th). Yes, it’s international, yes, it’s signed by me and not by Jackson.

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~ Saturday, February 1 ~

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"I would NEVER have guessed you had anxiety and depression issues ! You’re always so confident and everything !”



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